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I just finished watching this (all three episodes, I mean). I'm aching for more. I hope they turn this into a longer series.

Anywhoo, glad I stumbled onto this community because I like to have places to go to after I've seen things that has blown me away 8D I'm wondering if any of you know if there are any alternate reality games based around The Lost Room. Ever since I saw the first episode I've been thinking about how great this could be as a game (especially as an ARG or old-school point and click adventure video/PC game). If there are none, perhaps someone here would be interested in starting one? Be it an ARG or a journal based RPG or whatever. That would rock, even though I've never really been a part of any games like that before 8D

Ehem. Enough of my babbling. Again, glad to have found you all. :D
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