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The Objects

I just joined a site called the TV IV (sort of like a Wiki for TV) to keep up with the industry as I enter it nearly blind... and decided to run a search for The Lost Room.
There wasn't much there, but I found a link to a list of the Objects at the bottom of the page. I thought it was interesting enough to post, and perhaps fans could contribute more information regarding the Objects. The site claims there were an estimated 100 Objects, but I seem to recall mention of more...

Notably there's no explanation of the objects working together to produce diverse effects.

From the TV IV: The Lost Room There are an estimated 100 Objects, though not all appeared in or were mentioned in the mini-series.

Below is a list of The Objects that appeared in or were mentioned in the mini-series, along with their properties (when known). Most (though not all) Objects must be used in their proper way for their abilities to work.

* The Ashtray -
* The Bus Ticket - Whatever it touches is instantly teleported to an isolated road in Gallup, near the Sunshine Motel
* The Chewing Gum -
* The Cigarettes -
* The Cleanser -
* The Clock - Sublimates brass when wound
* The Coat Hanger -
* The Comb - Stops time for 10 seconds when run through one's hair
* The Cuff Link - Lowers blood pressure when worn
* The Deodorant -
* The Dress Shirt -
* The Drinking Glass -
* The Flask - Stops a person from breathing when opened
* The Glass Eye - Repairs or destroys all flesh when in one's eye socket
* The Glasses - Inhibit combustion within a 20' radius when worn
* The Iron -
* The Jacket -
* The Key - Opens any door into the Lost Room
* The Kleenex -
* The Left Shoe -
* The Left Sock -
* The Liquor Bottle -
* The Matchbook -
* The Nail Clipper -
* The Nail File - Causes anyone who looks at light that reflects from its surface to fall unconscious
* The Newspaper
* The Occupant - (Eddie McCleister, the man who was in the Lost Room at the time of the incident)
* The Overcoat -
* The Pack of Cigarettes -
* The Pen - Causes spontaneous combustion of whatever it is thrust into
* The Pencil -
* The Phone -
* The Photograph - (of The Occupant and his wife)
* The Playing Cards - Show visions related to the Lost Room and cause temporary madness
* The Pliers -
* The Polaroid - Opens a viewing portal to the Lost Room as it existed at the time of the incident, when held up to where the room should be at the Sunshine Motel
* The Quarter - Brings memories to life when swallowed (they end when The Quarter 'passes', i.e. 2-3 days)
* The Radio - unknown
* The Scissors - Rotate objects in three dimensions
* The Shoehorn -
* The Shoelace -
* The Shot Glass -
* The Suitcase -
* The Toothbrush -
* The Watch Box - Dampens entropy in a limited radius
* The Wire Clippers -
* The Wristwatch - Boils eggs placed in its circumference
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