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Hello Lost Room fans !

Hello, greating from france ! Ok, lets present myself

 I'm new here, and very very glad to have find this commutie !

But sadly there is nobody anymore :( 

Well, I discovered this awesome show in september and falled imediatly in love with. My prefered character is the Waesel ! I love him, really love him. He is so hot and yes even moving, in the third instalement, when Jo take is car key.... I like Wally, too, so cute and adorable. Obviously the slasher that I am could not prevent to make a pairing Jo/Weasel and even Karl/Weasel....and yes Waly Weasel XD. 

As for the Objects, my prefered are the pen and the key. I WANT the pen, I WANT the key. So useful ! Well I hope that this communitie is no dead and that scifi made either a serie or mini-serie ! With Weasel, Waly, and why not Karl.
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